Our Vision & Process

A new way to manufacture climbing holds.

Improving on the manufacturing process of climbing holds and macros, Binary literally "forms" a new way to make a cost effective, durable climbing product.

Using ABS in a vacuum thermoforming (VTF) process, we have created an innovative way of utilizing Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) material and shaping recyclable climbing holds without compromising on our durability or dependability.


Just send your used Binary holds back to us and we will recycle them for you. 

Recyclable holds protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. Our VTF (Vacuum Thermoforming) production process gives us the freedom to scale any shape of hold to the exact measurements you are looking for and form it out of ABS plastic. This new generation of holds can be resurfaced or recycled after use, keeping plastic out of the landfill.

Our circular recycling process means that used ABS holds can be shredded, remade and pressed into brand new holds to continue their life. By eliminating waste and reusing materials, we are pushing for a more responsible climbing community.

Binary’s ABS holds are a cleaner and more responsible option compared to regular polyurethane holds, and are the future of the indoor climbing market.



An environmentally sensitive alternative

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) has evolved from a downcycling to a recycling economy. A true circular economy for styrene, contributing to a less impactful greenhouse gas emission footprint.

A foray into the unknown foray industry heavily tied into Polyester, Polyurethane and Fiberglas, manufacturing holds out of ABS offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • Made from Virgin & PCR ABS
  • Entirely recyclable at its end destination
  • Less than half the weight compared to its existing counterparts
  • ABS can replicate most existing shapes in the current market
  • Freedom and creativity for texture & non-texture blend combination
  • Environmentally less impactful than counterparts
  • Repairable
  • Safe manufacturing processes for its workers

Advantages over other mediums

  • As much as 50% lighter
  • Post Consumer Recycled with a virgin cap
  • Recyclable at its end destination
  • Stackability in certain holds
  • Non toxic material
  • Scalable to any size

Quality & Production

  • Strength - extremely strong
  • Durable texture
  • Can be formed from existing shapes
  • Flange or flange-less design
  • Available industry colours or custom
  • Variable texture combinations


Use your imagination.

VTF technology gives us the freedom to create a hugely diverse collection of holds. All we need is a sample or a CAD scan and we can scale the hold to any size with a number of different texture options. The freedom of custom design is something every brand wants. Our texture options include:

  • Varying texture options
  • Customizable dual texture
  • Unfinished dual texture
  • Brand wrapping dual texture

What is VTF and what does it offer to the industry?

Our process of molding climbing holds from ABS enables us to manufacture new and existing shapes with creative texture design, a choice of flange or flange-less, while being super light and strong.

While spending countless hours experimenting on the feasibility of manufacturing Macros with ABS, Binary has discovered multiple benefits that will change the climbing hold manufacturing industry.

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